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Lake County Chamber Economic Development Team

Mission Statement & Goals


Mission Statement: Retain and attract business to maintain a diverse and robust economy, maximize employment opportunities, workforce development, grow the county's tax base and improve the business climate for success. Work with the County, cities, private and public sector, including all businesses, and other Lake County organizations in a collaboration of ideas and skills to ultimately reach our goals.


  1. In conjunction with the Economic Development professionals in the County, develop a business retention strategy and visit existing businesses to determine ways to help them expand and thrive.
  2. Work collaboratively with local government, regional business organizations, commercial real estate firms, educational institutions, human resource professionals, manufacturers and venture capital firms to identify and implement strategies aimed at retaining existing business and attracting new business.
  3. Work with the County and City governments to adopt a better customer service approach and to streamline the regulatory process.
  4. Provide support to businesses that are experiencing difficulty with governmental restrictions that are slowing down and ultimately preventing good projects that are imperative to the stabilization of jobs in our community.
  5. Form sub-committees to address the following:

a. Technology Industry

i.   Keep informed as to improvement and availability of new technology
ii.  Identify a possible workforce of underground techies.
iii. Work with schools to provide certification in technological fields.

b. Education

i.   Working with local colleges and schools to offer more career and technical educational classes to meet the future demands of manufacturing in Lake County.
ii.  Offer free help to business in need of computer, website and social media training.
iii. Make available training for wait staff and sales staff to improve customer service.

c. Healthcare

i.  Identify possible locations and requirements for assisted living and higher-end senior housing to meet the future boom in this industry.
ii. Investigate the availability of grants for assisted living projects.

d. Agriculture

i.   Working with the wineries and growers etc. to identify suppliers that may relocate and provide more jobs and tax base. Look for innovative ways to grow new crops to increase of year round produce and flowers
ii.  Possibly work with a Specialty food cluster.
iii. Investigate utilization of steam for green houses.

e. Hospitality

i.   Events, research possible events and suitable sites, requirements etc.
ii.  Improve and expand the lodging in the County.
iii. Improve and expand the dining experience in the County.
iv.  Breweries

f. Specialty Food Industry

i.  Cluster with shared commercial kitchen, shared website and retail outlet.
ii. Available locations and infrastructure to support a project.

g. Manufacturing

i.  Determine sites for new light manufacturing.
ii. Investigate possible reshoring companies.

h. Finance

i.  Research available government funding for business and job creation.
ii. Identify local sources for funding.

i. Business Attraction

i.   Create new website to attract new business to Lake Co.
ii.  Create a CD to send out to prospective businesses.
iii. Market and advertise to bring in new business.

j. Advisory Committee

i. Members of the community willing to share their knowledge with the Economic Development committee but not able or willing to attend meetings.

k. Think Tank

i. Coming up with ideas for new businesses, how to improve our county, possibilities are endless.


Adopted by Lake County Chamber of Commerce

Regular Board of Directors Meeting

February 26, 2013

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